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Xavier’s Research Projects Committee (XRPC)


Xavier’s Research Projects Committee (XRPC) is constituted with the aim to inculcate an interest in independent research among students and to promote research capacity of those students who are keen to engage themselves in research work. It provides a platform to students to understand published works, determine an area of interest and jump start their career as researchers. In August 2018,the Committee invited students to come forward with their project proposals..The activities of the session started with the Orientation Session held on 25th September 2018.The objective was to allow student research groups to identify their areas of interest under the guidance of research Supervisors that formed the Teacher coordinators of the committee Dr. Leena Sharma from Commerce and Management, Ms.Vaishali Singh from Dept. of Computer Sciences, Dr. SaritaPareek from Dept. of English, Dr. Sapna Newar from Dept. of Economics and Dr. Meeta Sharma from Political Science. Students selected their choice of areas and topics and started working on their projects.

The screening of the feature film “Gandhi,” in the college auditorium was organized on 1October 2018,with the aim to orient the youth towards Gandhiji’s thoughts, methods, teachings and ideals and his contribution to the national struggle for freedom.A lively discussion that ensued prepared the ground for the Special Project on “Gandhiji and Youth “ taken up by the students.This was followed by a Poster Making activity in the college on 2 October 2018, where teachers and students came together with great enthusiasm to don up their creative caps and bring forth the Gandhian symbols of Khadi, Charkha, truth and non-violence through colour and caption

The Committee also conducted extension activities under its banner. On 23 October 2018 , a session was conducted by YUVA, the student wing of Young Indians (Yi) The session was conducted by Confederation of India Industry and chaired by Mr. Atin Jain (MD and Principal Officer), where the members were briefed about the role and responsibilities of YUVA member and how they can contribute in bringing about positive changes around them by working with more sensitized hearts and the zeal to create a better world.

An extremely relevant and timely talk on Organ Donation was delivered by Prof Amla Batra, Former Principal of Maharani College, . This was done in collaboration with AU bank. The audience was enlightened about the need and importance of Organ Donation.

Xavier’s Research Projects committee(XRPC) also signed a Memorandum of Understanding(MOU) with Bureau of Rajasthan Market Research Company, to collaborate for research activities for the upcoming session . In the month of November the collaborative research project titled” Awareness level of Health care & Private Multi-speciality Hospitals in Jaipur” was completed with the contribution of students and teachers.

On 18 January 2019 the students summarized their work and a PPT Presentation was made by students in presence of renowned academician guests :Professor. Sudhi Rajiv, Professor at Department of Languages, Manipal University and Dr. Meeta Mathur, Associate Professor, Department of Economics, University, on topics such as:Potential of Food Retail, E-visitor Book, Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan, and Manifestation of Collective Unconscious in Literary Art forms, Uber vs Ola and other interesting and relevant issues. Project presentation also covered the Awareness level of RTI Act, Information Technology Act, IT Act, E- NAM, GST, Impact of Social Media Marketing on Youth and Start-up Schemes of Government in Jaipur City . The guests gave their valuable suggestions to improve the research output and praised this novel effort of the college to engage young scholars in research.

On 30 January 2019, while remembering the great sacrifice of the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi,on Martyrs’ Day ,XRPC students presented the survey report on Awareness of Youth About Gandhiji’s Philosophy in the Nevta Campus and tried to connect the youth with Gandhiji’s ideologies.

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